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 With more than 25 years experience serving homeowners and businessowners from bathroom remodeling to deck repairs and Trex Decking, Penn Builders & Installations in Kunkletown has built a reputation for quality work at affordable prices in Eastern PA including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Saylorsburg and Pocono Lake areas. As a home improvement and repair contractor in your area we know the importance of securing our customers' complete satisfaction, and you can rely on us to ensure that each and every job is performed with care and precision.  

Do Good Work

 Our main concern is getting your bathroom remodeling, deck repair and trex Decking installations done right, no matter what it takes. Neither budget nor time constraints get in the way of us completing your project the right way from the start. You shouldn’t have to call back with complaints or look to anyone else for additional work.  

Rocco Barile has over 50 years experience and founded Penn Builders & Installations Co to serve customers in our area including Saylorsburg Pa, Pocono Lake Pa and Allentown Pa, we also service all surrounding areas.

Our team of skilled workers are knowledgeable about residential structures and finishes and have worked on alot of homes in the past 25 years, keeping your home up to code and looking good is what we do! 

Do Good Business

 Being ranked in the top 1% of 125,206 licensed contractors in Pennsylvania for bathroom remodeling and deck repair including trex decking installation services, Our Allentown customers can rest assured knowing they have on-the-job owner support for the entire project lifecycle with on-the-spot decisions.  If there is an issue, we resolve it. You don’t need to worry about the end result, or additional fees. When you hire us, we make a commitment to you….and we keep that promise. Every project whether is Pocono Lake, Pa or Saylorsburg, Pa is priced fair from the start, and we work with you to make sure you can afford it comfortably. 

During the project we won't nickle and dime you for minor unforeseen issues that arise, when we take on a job we are aware of worst case senarios for job completion and we're ready for them with the proper manpower and equipment necessary to get it done..

Penn Builders & Installations in Kunkletown bathroom remodeling



  As an experienced home builder, Penn Builders & Installations Co. provides fast and reliable  home improvement and repair services. Foundation to roof, we are fully equipped to handle any size and scope residential project. 

Best Value


 Penn Builders & Installations Co. offers top quality material and installations for every bathroom remodeling, deck repair or Trex Decking installation we take on. Our customers in ALlentown, Saylorsburg and Pocono Lake get work done quickly while getting the best price for the job guaranteed.  



 Penn Builders & Installations Co. is an owner operated bathroom remodeling and deck repair business in Allentown and Pocono Lake Pa. You can rest assured your job is supervised and completed on-time, within budget and to the highest quality. Customers know theres no problems when "Pop" is on the job.

Penn Builders & Installations in Kunkletown

 Press play to see our video of what to expect when choosing Penn Builders & Installations Co for your next bathroom remodeling and deck repair project in Allentown, Pocono Lake and Saylorsburg . We have what we need to get your job done quickly and affordably. 

Hire an Experienced Licensed Contractor In Your Area


Here are 7 questions that you should ask any bathroom remodeling or deck repair company (even us!) before deciding to retain the company for a project:

#1: What is the full name and address of your company?

You want to make sure that the contractor has an actual place of business, and isn’t just working out of a truck. With no physical address, it will be impossible to track the contractor down if he or she takes your money doesn’t show up for work.

Penn Builders & Installations Co, Inc. We are located at 25 Halina Way, Kunkletown, PA 18058

#2: Does your company carry insurance and is the coverage adequate?

You don’t want to find yourself in a jam if there’s an accident or other issue and your contractor isn’t insured. Contractors should provide you with proof of insurance for comprehensive general liability, workman’s compensation, and complete operations insurance that protects you in the event of an accident. You should call the insurance company to verify that the policies are still valid.

We are fully insured including: Vehicles, General Liability of $2,000,000.00, Workers Compensation, Property Damage of $50,000.00 per incident. As a state goverment contractor we provide the same insurance to homeowners. Certificates are provided, adding our clients as a certificate holder and you will be notified directly by our carrier with any changes to the active policy.

#3: Is your company licensed? 

You’ll want to see a contractor’s license. Is he continuing his education to stay aware of industry changes? Best practices?

We are Licensed with the State Of Pennsylvania #6996, since 2008 with an unblemished record of service. We are also rated the top 1 percent of 126,724 licensed contractors in Pennsylvania according to BuildZoom data. Having a four digit number shows we were the among the firsts applying when Pennsylvania passed the requirement laws in 2008.

#4: How long have you been in business?

90% of contracting businesses fail within the first 2 years. How long has the contractor you’re speaking with been in business? You’ll also want to see client references, not only for current projects, but for older ones, which can demonstrate whether a contractor’s work has stood the test of time.

Penn Builders & Installations Co, Inc is a privately help company incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1996

We provide references upon request for past customers that agree to share their personal information.

#5: What is your track record for handling complaints?

Ask the contractor to share with you complaints that he’s received and how he resolved them. This will give you a sense of how he interacts with customers, and what his follow-through methods are, and will help you to have a sense of how he’ll work with you in the event a problem arises.

Complaints are rare with us, although we do get them once in a while. Our top complaints and concerns are noise and dust control. Neighbors sometimes complain about noise and we do our best to get the loudest work done between 9am and 3pm. We've made a substaintial investment for dust control over the past 3 years, every room we work in is tightly sealed  for dust containment and all of our tools are now attached to HEPA Vacuums and Filter Equipment, We haven't recieved a complaint for dust since 2016.

#6: What is your company’s workmanship warranty?

This is a warranty that is distinct from that of the products that you are having installed (e.g., James Hardie HardieShingle siding, with a James Hardie warranty). Ask to see the contractor’s training and certification credentials from the manufacturer. Check to see that they are still valid. Most contractors will offer this information without being asked for it; they know how important it is, and they want you to feel comfortable deciding to work with them.

Our warranty is submitted through the manufacturer, manufacturers cover installations only if the work is completed to their guidelines. Contractors changing anchors or procedures to save money will void any manufacturer warranty. Our labor is warranteed for 5 years after installation.

#7: What can you tell me about [My Project]?

Ask specific questions about specific projects. For example, for a large project, is a permit required? What about payment procedures? What are daily cleanup procedures?

A reputable contractor will welcome these questions and any others that you might have. They’ll want to know that you are invested in your project and that you trust them to make a good-faith effort every step of the process.

Obtaining proper permitting is always first on the list, payments are based on work completed only. we do not require a deposit for in-stock material. We will start the job and request payment for work completed. Typical payments are: payment after removals and preparation, payment for installed materials as project progresses.