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Are You In Need Of An Accessible Bathroom?

Penn Builders & Installations designs, builds and installs Accessible Bathrooms in Kunkletown, PA to promote independence, ease of entry, exit, and performance of vital daily tasks by people of all ages and ability levels – up to and including bathroom users who rely on walkers or wheelchairs for mobility. Creating a bathroom that can be accessed by everyone is achieved through a carefully crafted floor plan, specialized fixtures & amenities, and appropriate equipment. 

We can provide detailed estimates required for goverment funding, grant programs and bank loans.

A new accessible bathroom includes:

Flush Flooring:

Flush flooring throughout your bathroom is ideally perfect. We plan each bathroom for flush flooring and make sure there is no changes higher than 1/2 inch using beveled tresholds.

Curbless Showers:

Showers with a flush transition are an important feature for a well designed accessible bathroom. A barrier-free layout includes no transitions from shower to the bathroom finished floor.

Open Spaces Under Sinks:

 Open space is provided below the bathroom sink so a seated user’s knees can slide underneath, allowing a seated user to easily reach the faucet and controls. 


All amenities (electrical outlets, faucets, shower/tub controls, storage etc.) are installed at heights that can be readily reached by both standing and seated users alike.

Grab bars:

 (support rails to hold on to) can be obtained in a variety of styles and shapes to improve stability when lowering onto or rising up from a toilet or when stepping into or out of a bathtub or shower.


A functional bathroom can include automation by touch or voice. An automated accessible bathroom can control lighting and electrical, touchless toilets and digital shower faucets that are set to your preference.

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